Toronto-based post-punk indie band Rulers of the Moon formed in early 2012, and their combination of a broken knuckles DIY ethic and a blistering live show are rapidly gaining them a loyal following.

All four band members are seasoned characters from the Toronto indie scene, and they have brought their experience to bear on a new sound best described as a “mix of Black Flag/Fugazi/Refused post-punk stylings with hints of Mike Patton influence.” (The IndieMachine). Like Fugazi, Rulers are influenced far beyond traditional punk and grunge, with their sensibilities informed by artists as diverse as Bruce Springsteen, TV on the Radio, A Tribe Called Quest, and more. Frontman Greg LeGros brings a wide vocal range that can go from ballad to screaming in the blink of an eye – not wholly surprising considering that Rulers sacred pre-show traditions include copious amounts of whiskey and the application of tiger balm to uncomfortable places…

The band’s debut EP Convolution of Broca dropped in October 2012; since then Rulers have been gaining momentum with shows across Southern Ontario, most recently playing to a full and enthusiastic house at The Bovine Sex Club during Canadian Music Week and celebrating their 2 year anniversary with mates Goodnight, Sunrise, Sky of Sound and the Dying Arts at the Silver Dollar Room.

Their debut LP, ‘Dissemination’ was released in August of 2013 and the boys tore up Rancho Relaxo with a high octane performance.

A myriad of Horseshoe shows have kept the band busy since late 2013, with returns to the Silver Dollar Room and a debut at Magpie in December.

As of March 2014, long time guitarist Casey Lyons departed from the group, leaving them a trio uncertain of the future. The lads sussed it over and decided to keep on keepin’ on – albeit with some slight changes to the lineup and subsequent sound. Thor Thunders, the longstanding bassist in the band, has left the four string behind and moved to his natural instrument – the six string axe. The band felt this was a necessary change if the project was to move forward.

After a brief audition period, ROTM officially welcomed new bassist Robb Johannes, frontman for Toronto band Paint, to the fold. A new era has been ushered in and the boys are as energized as ever…

  • Greg LeGros: vocals
  • Thor Thunders: guitar
  • Dan McCormick: drums
  • Robb Johannes: bass

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